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I went to a home "passion party" and purchased 4 items. After purchase, however, had post-purchase syndrome and decided I didn't want one of the items ($175).

After I received the item, I mailed it back to the consultant with a request to be credited. She kept it for over a month, waited until both she and the hostess were paid their commissions and then sent it back with a sob story about how she was the only breadwinner in her family and she wouldn't return it. Also stated that items were non-returnable. I then called the company itself, who has a customer service person who has no customer service skills.

Also stated the "ALL SALES FINAL" rule which is..on the receipt. OK - so lets think about this, if the only place that ALL SALES FINAL shows up is on the receipt and you only get the receipt after purchase, technically (legally) that is not permissable. The consultant and I are now in a strange game of hot potato with this item and just keep sending it back and forth to each other. I might add that all of their products are double and triple sealed - that goes for gels, lotions, toys, etc.

There is no reason, other than GREED, to not accept items back. FUrthermore, she kept it so long on purpose so she would get paid for it.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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Hmm I'm a Passion party Rep, and Honestly if you had post purchase syndrome with me , I would have let you return it had it not been opened . this isn't really a passion parties is bad thing , you just dealt with a rep that wasn't fair , and unfortunately you'll find a lot of people that aren't in any business .

Reps have to cover things out their pockets which is probably why she wouldn't take a return .

I give my customers time to return as long as it is un opened un used once it's used the obviously you can't return it. My point here is it isn't fair to say oh they are all bad because you had a run in with one that wasn't so peachy ?


I agree 100% as I recently had this happen to me. DO NOT use Passion Party.

Any company that does not accents refunds for faulty items obviously recognize their illegitimacy. They would accept refunds if they truly believed in the quality of their products and they would want to satisfy their customers.

to Sammy Riverside, California, United States #967930

If the item is defective Passion Parties will DEFIANTLY replace it for you!

Napa, California, United States #946570

Just so u know, she gets paid the night of the party. Often its from her own inventory.

All sales are final because these are se.

Toys. No store will accept returns either.


I do not agree with the previous posters about you "stealing her income". When you are in sales, you risk that.

The fact that the consultant tried to give you a sob story is very unprofessional. However, I do not agree with you. Almost all places where you purchase adult toys, you cannot return them. It's a health issue.

I know I wouldn't purchase an adult toy if it had been returned.

Sealed or not. My advice is to try and enjoy your new toy.


Donnarnc, what puzzles me is why you sent the consultant the item back in the first place. Why would you assume that you can do that rather than calling her up and asking her what the return policy is?

Furthermore, it blows my mind that there are people that truly don't understand that when you try and return something that you made the decision to buy from a DIRECT SALES consultant, you are robbing them of their income. They took time out of their life to organize all of their necessities for showing the products to present at the party and then got up in front of 5 to 20+ people and spoke over everyone for 1 to 3+ hrs with enthusiasm, strength (it is not easy to speak in front of this many people) and Free valuable knowledge. Your order is the only pay they receive for all of this work. If you left a nice Tip for a waitress would you go and try and get that back from her at the restaurant the next day because you changed your mind?

I sure hope not. Maybe you should look at this the same way. Your order is her pay for doing this party for you and it helps the hostess earn her hostess credit. If you were to receive a refund, you would be taking someone's income away as well as basically charging the consultant for the Free credit that she had already given the Hostess (Remember her?

The lady who invited you into her home, fed you, and welcomed you into her private party?).

I do hope that this message has taught you something. You are probably a good person that just needs a new and better perspective on a few things that your were ignorant to prior to this discussion.

Los Angeles, California, United States #774921

If the form says all sales final then unless it is broken why would the consultant refund you bought? Being a consultant is how she makes her money.

Not passing judgment on you but you should had made sure what you bought is what you wanted. The problem is some women buy items then decide, after they get it, they don't want it. The consultant could have taken the product back if still in the packaging and given you credit.

You posting on here is not fair to the consultant if you were charged then received your item. It's not walmart

to any #775373

You obviously didn't read my post. It is ILLEGAL to post "All Sales Final" after the sale.

I sent the product back in the exact packaging it was sent to me never opened so you are correct in that she should have and could have just refunded the $ and sold it at her next party and made a happy customer who didn't have to pay shipping or wait. I have never run across ANY in-home company who will not take something back- let's name a few ... Southern Living, Premier Jewelry, Silpada jewelry, Avon, Mary Kay, Cabi, pampered Chef and on and on.

Me posting on here about a consultant who kept my product for well over a month and also posted on her FB page about it and who completely never even tried "customer service" as well as the crappy company backing her up (or not) is completely fair. Thanks for your positive comments.....

to any #775374

Funny how you don't have a profile....No Passion Parties consultant perhaps?

to donnarnc #945319

I am a Passion Parties consultant and I can say this is not how most of us run our business. I clearly state when I talk to ANY customer that all sales are final.

We are to give the receipt at the time of the purchase and state AGAIN that all sales are final. I do agree this is poor customer service on the consultants part, but I would not have given you your money back either. I would have just given you a credit on a future purchase, and as far as the greed part goes we get paid the night of the party so there is no waiting on commission checks. I have no idea why on earth she would keep it that long.

I nor anybody I have talked to have had any problems with our corporate office and the lack of customer service. I am truly sorry that you have had this experience.

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